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Making Choice Personal

The Intersection of Fashion, Technology, and Sustainability with Isola

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Welcome to another episode of Hatched, where we delve into the revolutionary world of blockchain and Web3. the pioneer who is merging the traditional aspects of physical fashion with the cutting-edge realms of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and blockchain. Isola’s journey, which began during the tumultuous times of 2020, has led to the creation of HGVIS, a community-driven fashion platform that is reshaping how we view, create, and consume fashion.

From Physical to Digital Fashion

In the world of fashion, adaptation and innovation are the very fabric of progress. Isola, fondly known as Yiqin in the fashion circles, started in the fashion industry, witnessing firsthand the issues of overconsumption. The quiet of the pandemic era, while halting for many, was a catalyst for Isola’s ingenuity. Reflecting on the shifting paradigms, she found inspiration in the work of The Fabricant and recognized the potential for a digital revolution in fashion.

Isola shares, “I see it’s super cool and super hyper-realistic. I think it could be a very interesting journey to start from something physical transforming to digital and how we can approach it.” Armed with new tools like Cloud3D and Blender, and diving into the concepts of Web3 and DAOs, she embarked on a transformative journey. This was not just a change in medium, but a fundamental reshaping of how fashion is conceived, created, and consumed.

The allure of the metaverse and gaming sparked a question: Could the future of fashion be transformed? Her brainchild, HGVIS, emerged from this period of introspection and exploration. It’s a vision where the charm of fabrics meets the limitless possibilities of digital spaces. Through AR and VR, HGVIS transcends geographic barriers, allowing for global showcases of digital garments. This innovation not only redefines the reach of fashion but also its very essence, inviting questions and curiosity about the potential transformation of the industry’s future.

Bridging the Gap for Young Designers

HGVIS is a nurturing ground for the next generation of fashion designers. Traditional fashion requires substantial investment to create physical prototypes, but HGVIS introduces an on-demand approach where digital versions are created first. This not only cuts down on upfront costs but also addresses environmental concerns by reducing waste.

“The reason why I pursue this journey and why we established this platform is because we see a lot of people, especially young designers, they want to launch their own project but they don’t have enough money to build the physical garment. We basically encourage young designers to have the digital version first.”

The digital-first approach caters to a growing interest in gaming and digital identity, allowing for easy and affordable customization that reflects one’s style in the digital world.

Blockchain: A Tool for Sustainability and Transparency

Blockchain plays a pivotal role in HGVIS’s approach to fashion. The technology offers transparency in the supply chain and ensures sustainability by recording every aspect of production. Isola’s company takes a unique stance by selling digital assets first. When a customer is satisfied with their AR experience, only then is the physical garment produced, thus embracing a sustainable, less wasteful approach.

Moreover, blockchain certifies the ownership and authenticity of digital assets, which can be transferred or resold, retaining their value and history.

Community and Co-creation

Isola’s journey started in Milan, where the vision was to empower young designers to showcase their brands. By providing a platform for these creators, HGVIS has fostered a community that is diverse, vibrant, and engaged. Members bring in artists and collectors, and together, they co-create and expand the platform’s reach, ensuring that everyone involved adds value to the community.

“Because I have connections, I really want to pull everyone in to give them a place to showcase. That’s the beginning of our community. When you give value to people, they are really happy to see what you create for the whole community, not only for myself.”

Isola’s participation in digital fashion events, like the one in Paris, highlights a significant shift in the industry. Once led by a few forward-thinking brands like Gucci and Adidas, digital fashion is now gaining the attention of numerous others, including luxury brands. This is reshaping how fashion interacts with technology, leading to innovative ways to engage with younger audiences.

Embracing the Future of Fashion

Launching a fashion project that combines digital and real-world elements is not without its challenges. The biggest hurdle is the technology learning curve for fashion enthusiasts. Terms like “wallet” and “MetaMask” can be daunting for traditional consumers. The key lies in simplifying the technology to ensure seamless integration of blockchain into everyday use, even for those unfamiliar with its workings.

Isola confronts the skepticism surrounding blockchain, often labeled a scam due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the failure of some NFT projects. However, the focus should be on the technology itself, which is fundamentally about decentralization and empowering creators to truly own their content.

HGVIS represent the fusion of fashion, technology, and sustainability. By embracing blockchain, VR, and AR, they are pioneering a new, environmentally friendly approach to fashion that empowers creators and provides consumers with unique digital experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s platforms like HGVIS that will lead the charge in shaping the future of fashion.

Stay tuned to Hatched as we dive into the transformative narratives from the Web3 sphere. We regularly invite thought leaders and innovators to discuss their contributions to this burgeoning space and explore the ways in which blockchain technology is catalyzing positive change across diverse industries.

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