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Making Choice Personal
NEST® is a next-generation, multichain mobile app built on true confidentiality that delivers first of its kind real world certification and use.

Personally encrypted. Data, ID and asset wallet. Multichain access.

The future proof, all-in-one mobile app

It's All You.

Individual encryption, device side security.

NEST® solves for data provenance and authentication. For the first time, real world inputs are privately blockchain confirmed. With unmatched encryption and confidentiality, the NEST® app makes a full spectrum of control available - from ultimate private exchange with G-E2EE of data and assets right across to open posts, social media and community participation.

Why NEST® ?
With our all-in-one ecosystem, you have the ability to truly own and control your digital assets and engagements in this digital economy. Everything we create is rooted in making choice personal for you. NEST® exists to allow individuals' true ownership, control, and confidential choice selection for all digital interactions or transactions.
What makes this wallet different?
NEST® wallet lets you own and secure your digital assets through Self-Sovereign Distributed Identity (SSDID). With current mainstream wallets like MetaMask, you only have identifiers (the lengthy combinations of numbers and letters called a wallet address). This does not allow you to truly own your assets. If someone acquires the key to your wallet, there’s no way to prove the asset is yours. With NEST®, your digital assets are tied to your real-world identity.
Securing it how?
NEST® secures your digital assets, such as NFTs, in three main ways: 1 _ NEST® gives you a highly secure and personally-encrypted environment. Your data and digital assets are encrypted by you to YOUR (and only your) device, which makes phishing scams or wallet exposures impossible. 2 _ NFTs created or traded through NEST® bear a unique digital signature. You have genuine and verifiable ownership over your assets. In case of fraud, these provenance records could be used as legally-admissible evidence towards your claim. 3 _ Unlike most platforms, your data, files, and keys do not sit on servers or open networks. With NEST®, your secured data is double-encrypted, broken down into pieces, and stored in separate locations worldwide. Only you hold the ability to decrypt it.
If I lose my device?
No worries! You have ZKP login capacities and can easily recover your account with your phone number, password and credentials on another device. You can upload your encrypted NEST® credential file to your new device and retrieve access. NEST® allows you to download and store your encryption key. This file can be stored however or wherever you prefer. Just remember to keep it private and safe! Never share this file with anyone else.

Like No Other.

Complete Enacted, Confidential Control.

Actual anonymity for on-chain transactions, unique ID authentication with autonomous notary now become available. Confidential accounts, authenticated provenance, Self-Sovereign Decentralized ID (SSDID) mechanisms, minting from the phone, AI powered IP library, quantum-proof vault, G-E2EE exchange and many more world firsts clearly place NEST® in a leauge of its own.

How do I create my account?
STEP 1 : Sign Up Open the app, tap the flag to choose your country, then provide your phone number. You’ll receive a 6-digit one-time password (OTP), which will authenticate your device for the sign-up process Enter the 6-digit code on the app to confirm sign-up. The phone number you provided will be shown on the screen. If you entered the wrong number, tap “Change” to correct your entry. STEP 2 : Key Creation Your private encryption keys will be created. Remember to keep backup copies in a secure location. Your keys cannot be retrieved by NEST® in case you lose or misplace them You'll have the option to re-check your entry and private key details before confirming encryption. Once you tap “confirm”, your entry cannot be changed. You can download your credentials on your device. By doing this, your device will be a credential storage which helps with hardware wallet integrations and future logins. The downloaded credentials enable ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) login, which allows us to validate your private keys without you divulging any user data to the network and the hosting system. If you do not want to download it at this time, you can do so at any later time through the app.
How do I mint an NFT?
On your home page, scroll down until the end of the page. Under features, tap “Create NFT”. At this moment, we only allow images (PNG, GIF, WEBP, JPEG) and audio (MP3 and MP4) files to be minted as NFTs with a maximum file size of 100MB. You can set the collection as “explicit and sensitive content” using the toggle button if the NFT is explicit in content or if viewer discretion is advisable. You can create a unique URL for the NFT to use for sharing on other mediums or social media platforms. The beginning of the URL is fixed, and the ending can be customized as you like. The app will check the URL's availability before proceeding to the next step. Classify your NFT under 3 broad categories: Digital Art, Photo, or Audio file. This creates a tag for the NFT that helps users search for NFT in the marketplace. Sign and certify your NFT. For now, only a manual signature option is available. Tap “Next”. Set a price for which the NFT will be minted and initially sold. Royalty percentage for secondary sales can be added here. This will trigger a smart contract with the specified percentage royalty for each subsequent sale. You are required to give the NFT a name and a short description. Since we mint NFTs with geo-tagging as part of provenance, the app will ask to confirm your geolocation. Add tags to your NFT. It works in the same way as hashtags on mainstream social platforms. The tags will help users find your NFT. You can create new tags or select from the most popular tags available on the screen. Tap “Next”. You’ll be shown a preview before confirming to create your NFT. Choose your wallet or preferred payment method. You can also quickly pay (with fiat currencies) using your credit card. Tap “Proceed”. The NFT will be minted after the payment.
Able to hold all assets?
Yes, we support most digital assets, from NFTs, data files, SSDIDs, and dynamic NFTs to currencies. NEST® gives you encrypted control of your digital transactions and exchange across networks.

Irreplaceably Practical

Multichain Access, Infinite Features, All In One Location.

One mobile application works as your complete decentralized toolkit. A passport, wallet and secured communcation portal all built from your individual encryption. Quantum-proof exchange and IP protection are also embedded. Not even NEST® can decrypt your data


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