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Making Choice Personal
Institutional grade asset creation and management, multichain admin, robust CRM and enterprise security.

Authenticated provenance, real world compliance and 20+ networks all tightly wrapped into one portal.

Any asset. Any network. Create. Manage. Exchange.

Limitless framework.

AERIE is the master admin platform and singularly secure, multichain solution for running most any variety of digital asset enterprise.

The all network, all asset master portal.

This is the only platform to provide true anonymity for transactions, custom deploy smart contracts, authenticated provenance with quantum-proof individual encryption, unique compliance capacities, Web3 CRM and multichain controls.
Past bespoke minting, the digital asset management solution also provides a real world point-of-sale systems and physical engagement certification for digital assets. From individuals to institutions, AERIE exceeds most every potential operational requirement with unmatched security.
  • AI Protection

    From artwork to most all forms of intellectual property - AERIE has the largest on-chain library and can be trained on any data set. It actively scans the internet for potential violations and prohibits the minting of protected works on any network.

  • Real World Use

    Digital assets can now have real world impact and be influenced by the physical. With certified ownership verification even down to biometrics, NFTs and other assets can be used in new and exciting ways like geolocation unlocks, direct polling to secure payment gateways and more.

  • Dynamic Lifecycle

    Deploy custom smart contracts before minting - ensuring authenticated provenance. Create any form of NFT including tickets, multimedia and beyond. Tokenize most any item with full ERC20 to other standard management.

  • Self-Sovereign DID

    Complete creation, management and issuance capacity for all DID and VC standards. Following the W3C protocols, NES.TECH further introduces the unique 'parent-child' methodology for certified yet actually anonymized on-chain transactions. Verified AML/KYC/KYB can for the first time be retains with GDPR compliance and ZKP exchange.

  • Bulk Capacities

    Single to bulk mints are frictionless, on whichever network preferred. Choices of storage for the master assets range from servers, decentralized hosting to full individual encryption on hyper-secure networks.

ISO 27001 +

  • NFTs
  • Tickets
  • Tokens
  • Crypto
  • CRM
  • 70+ more
_ where
AERIE is a desktop application with hardcoded, device-specific security and cold-wallet optionality. It can be downloaded here with a free starting tier
_ custody
AERIE permits custodial or non-custodial options for SSDIDs, wallets and assets - as you may require
_ storage
choose between any preferred locations or providers - from IPFS, StorJ, FileCoin, servers, cloud or the quantum-proof CDN

Institutional grade, enterprise level solutions now available to all.

AERIE offers a bespoke combination of encryption standards that is unrivaled in the industry.
From ZKP, PGP, RSA, AES, MPC and others the platform is able to not only provide quantum-proof data storage for digital assets, it further permits cold to hot storage with device-side certification.
The full Access Control Layer (ACL), permits right delegation to your team or others in the organization.
Multi-signature verification can also be added to any action, before broadcast. It’s all made easily available, right from your dashboard.

your AERIE

Tell us your most important features, ask any questions. The live demo or custom build will be scheduled immediately.

Unthrottled controls and no need for native currencies.

200+ features and tools can be instantly executed without ever needing to hold any native currency for selected networks. Contract deploys, mints, edits, swaps, updates, exports and hundreds of others are literally just a few clicks away.


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