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Making Choice Personal
Instant control of all Non-Fungible Tokens types across 18 networks, including the depoloyment of custom minting contracts, are easily accessible via one simple API / SDK.

Plug in.

5x advanced features and choice of blockchain networks than others. Set with revolutionary speed and security. Available as API, SDK or fully customized and bespoke integration.

Effortlessly unlimited.

‘Data-as-an-asset’ is a better term for Non-Fungible Tokens, it conveys more of their real potential. With dynamic input as well as personalized encryption, right now this function is minting NFTs used for multimedia content, IP protection, digital to physical event ticketing, gaming and many others

all types

ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC 4337, SoulBound, Proof-of-Attendance, Ticketing, Memberships, Dynamic +

18 networks

Ethereum, Avalance, Binance, Klaytn, Casper, Solana, Polygon, NEAR, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Polkadot +

single or bulk

Instant call ability for bulk mints on any network which, for some platforms, is only possible through NES.TECH

* true anonymity

From inventory to transactions, NES.TECH can enable full privately retained verification without public disclosure of the owner/s

* certified provenance

The SSDID and individually encrypted controls permit the first rw-authenticated provenance of data and TRX


Microservice tailoring and engine customization is available for any environment or requirement, including up to full OEM / whitelabel

optimal gas pricing

Up to the second pricing for all available networks can be automated to execute at certain targets

custom SC deploys

Don't use anyone elses. Define, customize and deploy your minting smart contracts for complete control

DLT to DB storage

From IPFS, StorJ, FIlecoin to quantum-proof splintered CDN or various DB's - the choice of storage is all yours

* bridges or swaps

Easily move NFTs from one chain to another - complete control with certified provenance is retained throughout

* gating to rw-logic

Easily manage token gating for NFTs as well as real-world inputs - such as geolocation or activities - which can affect the NFT directly too

unlimited metadata

From element details, dynamic content to custom attributes - the widest potential metadata anywhere is only possible here 

Elite optionality.

Multichain provenance and unique, human-readable URLs and blockchain result pages are set per-asset. From analytics to platform and marketplac integration with full accounting documentation, now everything is easily in one location.


The only real world contingent walllet certifies user engagement - ticketing, memberships and many others become uniquely dynamic



IP protection is trained on all available as well as uploaded content, it scans the web to identify infringment or unauthorized use while also working in multiple environments to instantly prevent any third party from minting assets using any registered IP.


Complete Web3 CRM, multi-sig with ACL controls, AML/KYC using ZKP, direct monetization with specialist ticketing to memebership management interfaces and more in the AERIE desktop app


True provenance _ 18 Networks _ Dynamic Assets _ Genuine Anonymity _


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