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Making Choice Personal
Layer Zero
TOB® is the first and only hybrid of its kind. Built to literally move at the speed of thought.

An unparalleled privacy first infrastructure delivers eclectic, incomparable features to users, developers and enterprise alike.

Execute and innovate, literally at the speed of thought _

The only authentically decentralized element in any system is the user. Meaning no system is decentral or distributed until such a time that the users have direct ownership control. TOB® is a unique hybrid blockchain network that solves this.
So fast it already accommodates theoretical requirements, lightweight enough for contributions and nodes run from personal devices, interoperablity allowing any selected external use with quantum-proof, individual encryption and failsafe CDN. All of which is to say, we don’t ask anyone to trust us because, we don’t need to. Encrypted control, choice and use are singularly yours.

Proudly doing it different.

EVM alone is insufficient to deal with infrastructure requirements, transaction times and loads of forthcoming uses. DAG mechanisms allow for speed. With near instant on-chain verification, latency or processing times of EVM, or similar secondary mechanisms as may be selected, become essentially inconsequential with prior cryptographic verification having already been secured. TOB® is the ethereal connecting layer, already exceeding requirements for Web3 or Web5 and future infrastructure.

0.03x ms

The 30 to 35 milisecond TTF makes this move around 500x faster than Ethereum or 200x faster than Solana

45 & One

45 transactions and about one block per-second with a wide scope for shortening, as required


Click-to-create nodes allow not only network but also quantum-proof CDN contributions from nearly any device

THEOTHERBLOCKCHAIN® is for the people, by the people and lives with the people.

Future decentralized economies may only truly be enabled with device-side participation, ZKP in individually encrypted distributed ownership-controls with quantum-proof data storage, use and exchange.

In other words, only when you own and control your data can you choose what happens to it. TOB® works so that you confidentially own free choice and control with immutable security.


Directed Acyclic Graph, these provide the ultimate on-chain speed as individual transactions validate one another - it's kind of like an instant echoing proof


The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism then achieves secure distributed consensus in Ethereum Virtual Machines, EVM, required for data-heavy on-chain processing

CDN Plus

Individual encryption with splintered data protocols allows for the first 'failsafe' content network, hyper-secured pieces now vaulted among users directly

Layer Zero?

The term Layer Zero for TOB® is conceptualized as reflecting users’ capacity for contribution, maintenance and security of data with or indeed as the network itself.


This is why we place it one level below or underneath the majorly hardware connected networks of typical Layer Ones. We hold that the infrastructure is differentiated from the start.

Looking ahead.


It takes the speed and flexibility of DAGs combining this, for the first time, with the processing power of EVM. The result is that TOB® holds the fastest TTF at 0.03s, unlimited scalability and true interoperable capacites, having over twenty external Layer One systems are already accessible.

TOB® has true confidential controls and privacy hardcoded. Splintered quantum-proof encryption compliment click-to-create nodes, which are able to be run from almost any type of device.

With all securing, verifying and storing, TOB® sets a new standard for decentralized capability and the first authentically distributed DLT network structure solution.


For these and all the other thoughts.


This is the first, authentically distributed DLT network with universal interoperability and which allows for essentially limitless, confidential, individually encrypted, user-led ownership, verification and execution of data and activities. We can’t wait to hear about what you do with it : )


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