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Making Choice Personal
the only allweb3 utility
A private utility that happens to be in the form of a token. VLRY powers the ultimate multichain ecosystems and engines
Volary is a utility token across NES.TECH ecosystems, engines and applications. Hardcoded privacy for delivery, receipt and use means transactions are anonymized, similar to Monero or ZKP. Volary gives options for any function on any network available. AVA, BNB, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Casper, Klaytn and some 15 others.

Practical, multichain utility with private controls. Zero speculation. Confidential freedom of choice with cryptographic, immutable security. Awesomesauce.


all features, any network

Volary [VLRY] redefines utility. It replaces native platform currencies. Forget complex multiple wallet addresses, multiple purchases, varied and costly swaps or exchanges. Now, simply click and go. 


This is the first all Web3 utility. With true confidential controls, it’s not limited by any one network or platform. Choose from hundreds of features across more than twenty networks. VLRY does it all.


Simplicity is beautiful.


TOKENnoun _ vo·​la·​ry / ˈvōlərē / ˈväl-ri

By definition, if it cannot be used then it is useless.

Blockchain and distributed technologies have the ability to reshape global connectivity. In a pure form, they promise the decentralization of trust. Meaning these technologies could set universal access to a form of secured exchange which does not require an intermediary. This is a revolutionary proposition.
Yet, without the democratized access to these solutions, confidential controls and free choice then this proposition cannot be practically implemented. A primary outstanding complication for use has been the complexity of tokens and currencies required throughout. VLRY solves this.

    Privately create, manage, exchange and transact without limitation


    Mint, buy, sell, exchange and perform any preferred transactions without a need to convert, buy or hold ETH / AVA / BNB / KLAY / CSPR / SOL and more


most all networks
are now united in choice
VLRY makes the many, one


    Genuine utility. From minting an NFT from your mobile phone to deploying custom blockchain contracts for minting and across to quantum-proof CDN for data storage. Unthrottled optionality.


    Valuation is not linked to speculation, one platform, a single system or even group. Transactions can be selected and executed, as you wish

The Why.

So that we're all able to do more.

Web2 changed not only the place of the internet in human life but the very structure of life itself within society. It redefined individual and group connections, but did so at a high cost – this being of personal information and data security. Now with the advent of Web3, these once persistent issues can find their solution along with answers to the age-old questions of distributed self-sovereign capacities of ownership, authenticity, regional or fragmented authentication of transactional engagement and contractual exchange of certified transactions including, but not limited to, intellectual property (IP), rights.

NES.TECH ecosystems gives the answer to true or real-world equivalent digital ownership of personal information through technology. The DLT underpinning blockchain networks is great at securing information, however, it does not in itself verify provenance, protect truly confidential exchange nor does it necessarily or inherently authenticate anything other than the transaction validity as of the time of writing.

This opens up many possibilities for users to easily create data-as-an-asset registrations, such as NFTs, in a simple and highly cost-effective manner while simultaneously authenticating and locking their individual as well as IP rights. While the user experience when engaging through the NES.TECH applications or ecosystem has been designed so as to remain commonly familiar, the actual data transactions are individually encrypted, hyper-secured and confidentially recorded on-chain. Aside from the TOB® layer-zero-to-one blockchain network, most all popular networks are supported. These include, but are not limited to, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Klaytn as well as others.  NES.TECH allows for many types of interactions through the foundation of personally encrypted, multichain capable, non-custodial data and asset wallets.

Holders are able to create, contractually gift or transfer, push to or swap between blockchain networks and marketplaces as well as secure data-assets such as NFTs whilst paying for these transactions through NES.TECH via fiat as with their credit card and/or digital currencies.

with fiat or other methods via NES.TECH applications or engines
staking and rewards, voting rights and funky-cool schwag

One token for over three hundred features on eighteen blockchain networks

VLRY replaces multiple native and other digital currencies. In the multichain ecosystems and while using engines and applications, VLRY allows for transactions to be executed across any network of choice while simultaneously hard-coding secured exchange.

Mint _ Buy _ Edit _ Swap _ NFTs _ Contracts _ ZKP _ DID _ VC _ True Anonymity _


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