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Making Choice Personal

AERIE: Streamlining Digital Asset Management

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The emerging ‘internet of blockchains’ or Web3 holds enormous potential. It may revolutionize the shape and structure of entire global economies yet, required management and multi-chain tools lack accessibility. Businesses and creators find themselves in need of a reliable platform where they can manage the lifecycle of digital assets — from say, minting NFTs at scale to client relationships, distribution and monetization.

As a first example, even just bulk minting NFTs is presently challenging across the majority of networks. Existing interfaces often require manual, one-by-one creation of the NFT or offer costly bulk minting options that involve complex integrations with external platforms like GitHub. This process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and not user-friendly for non-technical users. Furthermore, these existing piece-meal interfaces as well as platforms like OpenSea enforce the use of their own contracts, royalties and even master-asset storage for minting. These imposed limitations have often proved to be highly detrimental to creators, independents and even purchasers.

Businesses and creators now require a platform that offers seamless functionality, robust security measures, and transparent ownership verification across the blockchain and digital asset space. This kind of platform allows them to turn their content and creations into unique digital elements like NFTs or even have IP or elements turned into fractionalized assets — such as tokens. This process not only certifies authenticity and provenance, it further establishes provable scarcity while releasing liquidity through the monetization of content which now is able to connect with audiences from all over the world.

In this exciting and ever-evolving space, AERIE is a powerful desktop application, offering artists and businesses a comprehensive solution suite for them to create, distribute, and manage their assets and clients. A primary key differentiator of AERIE in comparison to any other platform or service is that AERIE offers the choice of more than 15 external networks. Let’s explore how AERIE stands out as an all-in-one management suite for decentralized CRM and digital assets.

1. Effortless NFT Creation and Management

With AERIE, creating and managing digital assets has never been easier. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of tools form a hyper-secured, full management portal for your direct ownership of both client details as well as control over any type of digital asset or collection. . Whether you’re minting NFTs, issuing tickets, or tokenizing assets, AERIE streamlines the entire process with no-code, step-by-step mechanisms. Uniquely, this process starts well before most others as only AERIE allows for the customization of minting contracts, as well as their deployment under your name and terms, on the network of choice..

AERIE is integrated with a full spectrum of blockchain networks and services including both EVM and non-EVM chains like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Klaytn, Casper and more. AERIE provides flexible interoperability and features, services to swaps can be instantly executed across multiple ecosystems. With the ability to mint various content , from multimedia like photos, GIFs, or videos to 3D files or varied IP registrations, AERIE offers endless possibilities for asset creation, tokenization and more.

AERIE truly sets itself apart when it comes to dynamic NFT functionality. This feature permits real-world or ‘in real life’ inputs to digital assets which then affect, unlock or influence the asset itself. Right now, an existing asset can be upgraded and updated through AERIE so that the NFTs can accommodate for dynamic features. It is very easy to add attributes, or perks to a digital asset, for example an NFT could be assigned ‘one person entrance’ or ‘2 free drinks’ that the holder is now able to redeem or use. AERIE also allows the creators to generate secured QR codes for scanning NFTs in the real world, facilitating easy attribute consumption and usage tracking. These ascribed attributes are then able to be scanned in real-life and recorded on-chain with flawless, immutable analytics. This real-world point-of-sale (POS) capacity is already enhancing the functionality, value and engagement in a way that has previously been unobtainable.

2. Efficient Collection and Client Management

AERIE recognizes the need for organized and efficient management of NFT collections. With its intuitive interface, users can create multiple collections, whitelists, and wallets, ensuring seamless organization and access control. By integrating a client ID system and utilizing self-sovereign decentralized identity (SSDID), AERIE enables KYC-certified client management, providing real-world attribution of NFTs to their owners. This feature proves invaluable for businesses issuing NFT tickets, travel tickets, memberships, and more.

The platform also offers a robust employee CRM and access control layer. Administrators can create multiple KYC-certified employee IDs, define roles, and assign project-specific access restrictions. This granular control ensures secure and efficient collaboration within the platform, while transaction histories offer comprehensive visibility into employee activities.

3. Self-Custody and Security

AERIE prioritizes the self-custody of digital assets, placing control firmly in the hands of users. Private keys are encrypted device-side using industry-standard encryption protocols, such as AES 256 and PGP. Users can choose to store encrypted credential files offline or utilize the NEST® encrypted, splintered storage protocol with biometric-based recall. This approach brings institutional-grade custody services to the self-custody space, ensuring the utmost security for valuable digital assets.

4. Extra Features

In addition to its core functionalities, AERIE boasts a range of additional features to enhance the NFT creation and management experience. SSDIDs facilitate multi-sig approvals, encryption of master files, and provenance tracking of asset lifetimes. AERIE supports multiple wallets on different networks, enabling seamless cross-network collections, NFT imports, and NFT swaps.

5. Who is AERIE for?

AERIE is a highly versatile platform that caters to a wide range of industries and use cases. Whether it’s live events, travel ticketing, art, payments processing, rewards programs, or gaming, AERIE offers solutions for diverse needs. It’s particularly ideal for creators and businesses seeking a cost-effective and streamlined approach to bulk NFT minting.

The platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, while its comprehensive set of features allows for efficient management and organization of NFTs. With AERIE, you can mint NFTs with ease and take full control of your digital assets.

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Charles Anderson, Founder & CEO of NEST®